Session: Code for Communication
Presenter: Brandi Boatner, Social and Influencer Communications Lead, Global Markets, IBM
BrandiRecap: Brandi Boatner presented all about tech public relations and the importance of this type of PR, as she works at IBM, a leading cloud platform and cognitive solutions company. Boatner started her presentation by stating that she is the ‘Beyoncé of the Business World,’ and she sure can take on a lot! She went on to discuss the three a’s of PR, which are: analytics, architecture and algorithms. The audience, which could be the fourth A, effects the other three.

IBM is so important today as we are a culture that is constantly on the go, and perception is reality. As public relations professionals, we need to be able to be content creators, be pros in coding, be able to be a social media listener as well as be highly skilled in digital media relations.

• Everything is digital; therefore, you need to understand how people behave online and in groups, and social media can tell us this.
• Make content fun again!
• Technology has changed the dynamic of trust
• We need to be modern communicators and be able to look beyond just social media. For example, be able to look at analytics.

MacKenzie Zoschnick is a senior at Wayne State University majoring in communications with a minor in public relations. In addition to serving as her school’s chapter President for PRSSA, MacKenzie is currently a marketing intern with the Detroit KenzMedical Center. Follow her on twitter @mac_zoschnick, Instagram maczoschnick or connect with her on LinkedIn.