LinkedIn Detroit just opened their new office in Downtown Detroit. They hosted the “Rock Your Profile” event last Friday for Wayne State. Despite only just opening, they already had so much to share with us college students. LaRon Johnson, who is the head of LinkedIn Detroit, opened the workshop. He talked with us about the ‘cool benefits’ of having a powerful profile, and how having the right information on your LinkedIn can make all the difference. Johnson also says that, “Talent is key and links talent toopportunity.”

IMG_1818Anna Nicole is the sales manager for LinkedIn Detroit, and she spoke with us about the importance of putting accomplishments on your profile and being specific with such accomplishments. When doing this, there are six main key points that you want to list. Number one is your education, and talking about the classes that you took and what you did in these classes.


Your photo is also an important part of your profile as it’s one of the first things that a future co-worker or potential boss is going to see, just make sure that your photo is as professional as you can get it.

IMG_6847.JPGAnna went on to talk about the importance of listing your volunteer experience, your top skills, and lastly examples of work you have accomplished. This can be done by uploading videos and presentations that you have made. Anna also went over how busy we are as college students, which was very relatable; keeping up our grades and staying involved are just a couple of the things we are all juggling.

Knowing where to start is half of the battle, and LinkedIn is a great foundation to start with. Overall LinkedIn put on a great workshop filled with awesome tips for mastering the perfect profile, and I can’t wait to begin making my profile even better!
Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 2.45.38 PM.pngMackenzie Zoschnick is the 2017-18 vice president of social media for Wayne State University’s Jame Measell chapter of PRSSA. She is a junior public relations student looking forward to gaining experience in social media and media relations.